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API Trading

Build your own automated trading system of plug into an existing platform and benefit from GAIN’s quality executions.

GAIN Capital offers a variety of fast and easy ways to connect to our reliable and secure trading infrastructure. Our APIs allow you to execute trades from any custom or third party applications you choose. We offer online support, documentation and samples make it fast and easy to get started.

Foreign Exchange & CFDs

GAIN Capital supports fully automated trade execution via a proprietary API.

The API provides users with the ability to receive a real-time rate feed, submit trade requests, set and modify orders, and receive automated confirmations of trade activity. We provide a testing environment that enables developers to "paper trade" and test their systems in real time before using the API in a production environment with actual funds.

GAIN's API is a true standards-based XML interface that can be programmed in any network accessible language, from Perl-script to C++, Excel Macro to VB.NET managed code. The API is comprised of two separate technologies:

Rate Data Interface

Rate data represents the tradable prices published to the client. For this role we use a direct TCP/IP socket interface to the price publication system. To assist with programming in Visual Studio.NET and JAVA, we provide native components that handle the connection and link management. Each component creates events through delegates or call backs as appropriate.

Trading Functions

The trading functions are initiated by the client in the form of a request. This logic is implemented using Web Services; an XML based SOAP interface that uses HTTP as its transport. Web Services have become the de-facto B2B protocol of choice through their ease of use and cross-platform portability.

Exchange Traded Products


GAIN's proprietary API includes all the speed and functionality of a standard FIX messaging protocol but also includes additional custom functionality - that offers a custom approach and extensibility to your trading and brokerage operations.

With OneLink® you have full access to order routing as well as data for all futures and forex markets offered.

Code samples and complete documentation of the API give you a jump-start with project planning and development - and with access to in-house developers and support forum you won't be developing alone.


Our no-fuss, standards-compliant FIX API. Enjoy immediate plug and play convenience for existing FIX engines. With standard FIX you have full access to order routing as well as data for all futures and forex markets offered.

We support FIX version 4.2 and higher.


We support Meta Manager API and Admin API.

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