Connect to global futures exchanges

With GAIN Capital you can trade the world's futures exchanges with a single connection

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Access global exchanges with a single connection

Whether it's commodities on the CME, or indices on ICE, our online trading platforms and APIs let you directly access and clear trades on over 30 derivatives exchanges across the US, Europe, Asia and Middle East.

If you are looking to offer exchange-traded futures to your customers, we can help you find the right solution for your business. Simply call us to discuss your options.


Introduce your customers to futures trading

Our transparent and trusted introducing broker (IB) program allows you to earn on-going commissions by introducing new customers to GAIN Capital.

Offer managed futures to your customers

Ideal for the investor who does not want to trade for themself, managed accounts allow professionals to trade on their behalf.

Offer futures under your own brand

Our technology meets your brand. We provide everything you need to easily offer exchange-traded markets to your customers.

Futures trading for professionals

Our trading technology delivers the speed, security and reliability required to compete in today's futures markets. Trade via our powerful futures platform or connect via API.

Futures accounts will be held and maintained at GAIN Capital Group, LLC. Click here to access GAIN Capital's FCM Disclosure Document and FCM Financial Information.

Exchange-traded futures and options

We are able to clear your trades from over 30 international exchanges, through any clearer, in real-time. We offer a variety of futures trading strategies, along with a large selection of exchange-traded instruments including currencies, energies, financials, grains, indices, meats, metals and softs.

Why trade futures with GAIN Capital?

  • Deep market liquidity and fast execution

  • Trade a variety of standardized contracts on commodities, indices, forex, bonds, interest rates, metals and agricultural products

  • Access and clear trades on over 30 global exchanges from one account

  • Low commissions

Professional tools for trading futures

Our trading technology is tailored to meet the complex requirements of professional traders, CTAs, hedgefunds and FCMs. We combine powerful tools with the infrastructure built to deliver the speed, security and reliability trequired to compete in today's markets.

Our powerful proprietary platform, OEC Trader, is an easy-to-use electronic trading platform designed to streamline all of the complexities of professional trading and order management:

  • Streaming real-time data for quotes and charts

  • Back-test and refine your trading strategies using built-in indicators and strategies

  • Place advanced orders with features such as icebergs, time slice, time activation and auto-cancel

  • Boost your market analysis with integrated third-party charting, strategy and signal software

  • Streamline and automate your risk management with custom alerts

  • Mobile applications to trade on the go

No-fuss API

Our proprietary API includes all the speed and functionality of a standard FIX messaging protocol, with full access to data and order routing for all available futures and options markets. We also offer a no-fuss FIX API to enjoy instant plug and play for existing FIX engines, and support both the Meta Manager API and Admin API.

Infrastructure built for speed and reliability

Traders need to be confident that their trades will reach the market as fast and securely as possible. Our servers are located in state-of-the-art Equinix datacentres, with unique network traffic management that selects the path of least resistance to deliver information faster and more securely.